The Artists Formerly Known
MidLife Crisis
OK friends, we've been MidLife Vices for more
than a decade.  Raise your hand if you ever
attended a MidLife Crisis Show. We see you
Brenda!  But what is this band all about? We're
about sharing the music we love so much with
just enough attention to detail.
So you can recall that first love, or car or best
friends. The Guys in this Band are my best
friends. This is what we do instead of bowling
or poker. We Rock!!!!!  So always remember:

"You're Only Young Once, You Can Be
Immature Forever!"
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Sgt Pepper/little
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Upcoming Gigs
Sat Feb 6th
The Main St brewery
830 Main St in Pleasanton
9 to Midnight
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Never Been Any Reason
Live at the Main St Brewery
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